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The self-check tool can help you decide if the ABILIFY MYCITE System is right for you. It also includes some helpful tips to start a conversation the next time you see your healthcare provider.

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Frequently asked questions

Starting the

available to me?

If you are diagnosed with major depressive disorder, bipolar I disorder, or schizophrenia, an ABILIFY MYCITE Kit might be available to you with a prescription from your healthcare provider. The kit is covered under many insurance plans. Find more information here.

Who can prescribe an

In most cases, an ABILIFY MYCITE Kit will be prescribed by a psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse, or primary care physician.

I’m about to start the
ABILIFY MYCITE System. What can I expect
to receive in the ABILIFY MYCITE® Kit?

The ABILIFY MYCITE Kit includes:

  • 30 days’ worth of ABILIFY MYCITE (aripiprazole tablets with sensor) 
  • 7 MYCITE® Patches, which connect to your smartphone app through Bluetooth®*
  • Instructions on how to set up the system on the app 

While your healthcare team and support network cannot connect to the app, they can access the daily data you choose to share through the MYCITE® Dashboard. Learn more here.

Who should not take ABILIFY MYCITE®
(aripiprazole tablets with sensor)?

Do not take ABILIFY MYCITE if you are allergic to aripiprazole or any of the ingredients in ABILIFY MYCITE. Allergic reactions may include: rash, hives, itching, difficulty breathing, tightness in the chest, swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue.


There may be a few other factors that prevent you from taking ABILIFY MYCITE. Use the self-check tool and talk to your doctor to find out if it might be right for you.

Does the ABILIFY MYCITE System have any
side effects besides the ones caused by the
medication itself (aripiprazole)?

The ABILIFY MYCITE sensor was extensively tested in clinical studies, with 492 volunteers ranging in age from 21 to 85 years. No side effects related to the sensor were reported in these clinical trials.

In the same studies, approximately 1 in 8 patients experienced skin rashes as a result of wearing the patch.

What is the most important information about the medication in ABILIFY MYCITE?

Increased risk of death in elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis: Medicines like ABILIFY MYCITE can raise the risk of death in elderly people who have lost touch with reality (psychosis) due to confusion and memory loss (dementia). ABILIFY MYCITE is not approved to treat patients with dementia-related psychosis.

Increased risk of suicidal thoughts or actions in children and young adults: Antidepressant medicines may increase suicidal thoughts or actions in some children and young adults within the first few months of treatment and when the dose is changed. Pay close attention to any changes, especially new and sudden changes, in mood, behaviors, thoughts, or feelings and report them to the healthcare provider. It is not known if ABILIFY MYCITE is safe and effective for use in children.


Most common side effects of ABILIFY MYCITE tablets

The most common side effects of ABILIFY MYCITE in adults include: restlessness or need to move (akathisia); dizziness; nausea; insomnia; shaking (tremor); anxiety; constipation; sedation



Who can view my information?

How you share your data always starts with you. If you want, you can share the daily data you see in the app with your healthcare team, your doctor or therapist, and anyone else you would want to know it—like close family members or friends.

You can choose to stop sharing your information at any time. But keep in mind: Your doctor will be able to see your data unless you stop sharing entirely.

The people you choose to share your information with will be able to view the data you share on the MYCITE® Dashboard, allowing them to quickly check in and see how you’re doing.

If you would like to know more about how your information will be used please review the ABILIFY MYCITE® System Terms of Use, Privacy Notice, and Authorization & Consent.

(aripiprazole tablets with sensor) Pill
ever be used to track my location?

No. There is no location sharing as part of the ABILIFY MYCITE System.

Is there a limit to the number of
healthcare providers or people in my
support network who can view my data?

Yes. You may select up to 5 people in your support network to view your data. There is no limit to the number of healthcare team members with whom you choose to share. 

About the parts of the system

(aripiprazole tablets with sensor) Pill made of?

If you already take aripiprazole, the medication is the same. However, with ABILIFY MYCITE, each aripiprazole pill includes a tiny sensor that’s made entirely of ingredients found in most diets. The sensor is the size of a grain of sand, so it does not impact the size of your medication. If you currently take aripiprazole, you might be surprised by how similar the ABILIFY MYCITE Pill is in size and weight. After you take the pill, the sensor will pass through your body naturally and leave as waste.

Is there any medication in the MYCITE® Patch?

No. There is medication only in the ABILIFY MYCITE Pill. The patch is just meant to send and receive information about your pill-taking, steps, and rest.

Technical questions

I’m having trouble setting up the
ABILIFY MYCITE System. Who can help?

If you have any questions about setting up the system, the MYCITE® Team is here to help you at
844-MYCITE-4 (844-692-4834).

How long does it take for the signal to
go from the sensor to the MYCITE® Patch?
From the patch to the MYCITE App?

About 94% of pills taken are registered by the patch within 3 minutes after being swallowed. However, it may take up to 2 hours for the patch and app to sync up. Once the information shows up in the app, it'll be in the MYCITE® Dashboard as well.

There may be a delay in the detection of the ABILIFY MYCITE tablet and sometimes the detection of the tablet might not happen at all.

Some factors, such as a bad connection or reception, or not having your smartphone, may impact the consistency and reliability of data being detected, collected, and transmitted.

How close does my phone need to be to
me for the app to register that I’ve taken
my pill?

The MYCITE Patch records that you’ve taken your pill and will connect with the MYCITE App once it is in Bluetooth®* range, which is approximately 9 feet. You must have access to a reliable internet connection.    

*Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

Is the MYCITE App available for all mobile
phones and operating systems?

The ABILIFY MYCITE System is compatible with most of the following devices and operating systems:

  • Apple iPhone®: iPhone 6S (or higher) with iOS® 10.x (or higher)
  • Android: Samsung Galaxy S7/S8, Google Pixel 2 (or higher) with Android Nougat-7 (or higher)

Note: To ensure that the MYCITE App works with your specific smartphone, check your app store. If your phone is compatible, download the MYCITE App and follow the instructions provided. 

iPhone and iOS are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.
"Samsung" and "Galaxy" are trademarks of Samsung in the United States or other countries.
"Google,” "Android,” and ”Pixel" are trademarks of Google, LLC.

Does the ABILIFY MYCITE System work if
I’m traveling outside of the country?

The ABILIFY MYCITE System will still work outside of the country. Data plan and roaming charges may apply based on your phone plan and Wi-Fi connection.

Keep in mind: If you’re traveling by airplane within or outside the country, you may consider asking your doctor for a note that explains why you are wearing a patch. This may help you when you go through airport security.

The MYCITE® Team
is here for you

Questions about the ABILIFY MYCITE System?
The MYCITE Team is here to help with any technical issues you may have. The team provides support to:

  1. Learn about all the features of the MYCITE App
  2. Change the MYCITE® Patch each week
  3. Share your information with your healthcare team and support network
  4. Answer any technical questions

Call us at 844⁠-⁠MYCITE⁠-⁠4 (844⁠-⁠692⁠-⁠4834)844⁠-⁠MYCITE⁠-⁠4 (844⁠-⁠692⁠-⁠4834).

We are available 8 ​AM​ to 8 PM​ eastern time, Monday through Friday.


Resources for the support network

Support your friend or family member who has a mental health condition

Supporting a friend or family member who is being treated for bipolar I disorder, major depressive
disorder, or schizophrenia may be challenging. The ABILIFY MYCITE System was designed to help make
being there a little easier.

ABILIFY MYCITE® System Support, Icon

What the ABILIFY MYCITE System
can do

Because they want you to know what's going on with them, your friend or family member may invite you to view their data. Having this information can provide peace of mind and help you start a new kind of conversation about their mental health and well-being. With the system, you may be able to view some or all of these:

ABILIFY MYCITE® System Records When You Take Your Pill, Icon
ABILIFY MYCITE® System Records When You Take Your Pill, Icon

When they take
their pill

ABILIFY MYCITE® System Records Activity Level, Icon
ABILIFY MYCITE® System Records Activity Level, Icon

Activity level
(number of steps)

ABILIFY MYCITE® System Records Time Spent Resting, Icon
ABILIFY MYCITE® System Records Time Spent Resting, Icon

spent resting

ABILIFY MYCITE® System Records Your Mood Using Emojis, Icon
ABILIFY MYCITE® System Records Your Mood Using Emojis, Icon

Their mood
using emojis

ABILIFY MYCITE® System Records How Well You Rested, Icon
ABILIFY MYCITE® System Records How Well You Rested, Icon

Their rest rating

ABILIFY MYCITE® System Records The Reason If You Didn't Take Your Pill, Icon
ABILIFY MYCITE® System Records The Reason If You Didn't Take Your Pill, Icon

The reason, if they didn’t
take their pill

Only functions related to tracking drug ingestion have been evaluated or approved by FDA.

The ABILIFY MYCITE System is not intended for real-time or emergency monitoring.

By inviting you to view their information in the
MYCITE® Dashboard, your friend or family member is asking you to support them and be a part of their treatment. It might be a good idea to talk to them about how they want to include you and what they want you to do with their data.

The MYCITE Dashboard is your web-based portal that allows you to view the data that your friend or family member has decided to share with you.

Guidance for using the dashboard

Be sure to keep this in mind as you start to use the MYCITE Dashboard:

A different conversation

The information you get from the MYCITE Dashboard may offer you the opportunity to talk to your loved one in a different way from before. It might mean you talk less about their mental health condition and more about what matters to them.

You may decide to reach out to a loved one based on information you see in the dashboard. However, be sure to communicate with your friend or family member in a way that feels right for them. The best way to know is to ask them how they want to be supported. You can also encourage them to reach out to their healthcare provider so they can share more of what’s going on.

Conversation starters

If you think it’s time to reach out to your friend or family member, it may feel difficult to get the discussion going. Here are a few tips to help you begin: 

ABILIFY MYCITE® Conversation

Don’t assume that because your friend or family member hasn’t shared any health concerns that they don’t have any

They may feel that they would be wasting your time. A gentle approach may begin with an expression of support rather than pressure to accept help. A simple “How are you feeling today?” might go a long way.

ABILIFY MYCITE® Conversation

Let your friend or family member know that sharing their concerns with you can ensure they get the care they need

If you sense they’re holding back, consider asking an open-ended question like “Is there any way I can help you make sure you are getting what you need?” or “What would be the most important thing for me to know about your needs or your health right now?”

ABILIFY MYCITE® Conversation

If your friend or family member is living independently, remember that they may be scared to voice their concerns for fear of losing that independence  

Saying something like “I know you can take care of yourself, but I’m always here for extra support” might help them open up.

ABILIFY MYCITE® Conversation

Let your friend or family member know that you want to help make it easier for them to get treatment

A simple “Would you like a ride to your next appointment?" might help open up this subject.

Your friend or family member has entrusted you with their information. Please review Family & Friends Terms of Use and Privacy Notice for our privacy requirements for the ABILIFY MYCITE System.